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Aw yiss I think I found a good replacement for Little Pete's, my go-to 24-hr diner in Philly. Sadly it is not just three blocks away from my house like LP was, but it is only a couple stops away on the F/G. The place is 7th Ave Donuts. Two eggs, toast, juice, tea in a proper indestructible ceramic mug, hash browns, and a tasty glazed donut, for $4 plus tax. CCR on the radio. A spacious counter and plenty of booths. Not totally packed at 9:30am on a Saturday, but comfortably bustling. Hash browns a bit on the dry side (a problem Little Pete's also had) and no jelly on the toast, but I'm struggling to come up with things to complain about. (9/10)

Finished Gilbert's "A History of the 20th Century". It's a condensed version of a three-volume set, still weighing in at about 700 pages. Sadly I think it shows. While interesting, and meticulously researched, the delivery feels rushed --- on the whole, not really engaging. Maybe I've been spoiled by more "pop" historians (although I'm reluctant to use that word, because it feels like a deseriousing criticism) like James Burke and Peter Watson. (6/10)
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    Oh jeez Boulet, this is what you casually slap together for a 24-hour comic? Come on, now, you're just showing off. (But seriously it is so cute)

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    Compare: (a) Borges's Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge. (b) Today's smbc. --- A further example of excellent linguistic trolling…

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    Le Ballon Rouge

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