Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Did some more orientation stuff at work. Actually had a longer-than-paragraph conversation with my officemate for the first time, as well as with Adam V.

After work had tea with Sean McLaughlin at a place called "Grounded", which is on Jane St, near my place of work, which is by the way nowhere near Jane St., Sean's place of work. Great to talk about crazy programmin' and stuff.

I tried locating my landlord's apartment in order to pay rent for the first time. I went to the address I thought I had for him, but I looked at the mailboxes and didn't see his name at all. Went home to doublecheck the pdf I had containing my rental agent's handwritten note containing the address and found I had it correct. I was very confused. I was on my way out to bike back to the given address, and bumped into my upstairs neighbor just arriving. After introductions, pleasantries etc. she very helpfully told me that the landlord's place is the downstairs unit (i.e. below the stoop) in the standard three-apartment brownstone layout, which I hadn't even thought to look for. So I went and paid rent and found out that indeed Victor is like the nicest dude ever and so is his wife Yvonne and I had to insist really hard that no thanks, you don't have to make me a cup of coffee or fetch me a coke or anything. Like most people I meet aren't even that nice, much less landlords that I've dealt with in the past.
Tags: apartment, social, work

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