Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Long fun day.

Met up with aleffert, damion, misha and julie for brunch at a place called, no joke, "Esperanto". It was "pan-latin" food, so the name actually did make a certain kind of allusive sense, but it was not actually esperanto-affiliated in any further meaningful way. Service was, er, relaxed, but the food was delicious. I had a chorizo omelet with homefries covered in what was maybe a lot of paprika. (8/10)

Later acquired roseandsigil, wandered around Manhattan, saw Stuy Town, which is bafflingly large and spacious for something that exists in lower Manhattan. Eventually got to the thing akiva wanted to see, at a bookstore in Greenpoint named Word, where Cat Valente was reading from a recent book of hers accompanied by accordion band and bellydancing.

Matt and akiva and I then headed back to brooklyn to recover matt's stuff that he left at my apartment and encountered _wirehead_, and the three of them went off to dinner but I chickened out on account of I am so sleepy and need to get up work-early tomorrow for first day of work. However dang it is fun to hang out with people I like and I should probably continue doing it.
Tags: books, food, social

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