Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Dug out the ancient Wacom and found that it still kinda works. Installed drivers and fiddled with X11 configuration and got pressure sensitivity working in the Gimp, even.

Took the train up to Manhattan just to walk around and see if any serendipitous things popped out at me. Nothing did this time, but the weather was nice and sunny and blustery.

My todo-list of things to figure out about and do involving the apartment is getting shorter and shorter. Electric and gas are both taken care of being transferred to my name, and the root cause of the mysterious failure of my stove has been determined. It turns out that it was --- and I'm sorry to use excessively technical jargon here, but it's necessary in order to be precise --- the fact that it wasn't plugged into the wall.
Tags: computers, moving
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