Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Unpacked about half of my books. The built-in shelves in this apartment are more spacious than I expected, which is nice. If it turns out the extra ikea shelves I just bought aren't necessary, I guess I can just store some other things in them. Confirmed that I still have every single one of my diary/notebook/thinking-log things dating all the way back to '93, volumes 1-43, although volume 8 never existed due to a numbering error. Went over to the Staples at 4th ave and 3rd st and got some speakers and a mousepad for the computer. Played around with supercollider some more.
Tags: journals, moving, supercollider

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    Sean's back in town --- good fun working with nonremote teammates.

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    Sean's in town at work, good times.

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