Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Generally having a bit of a cranky homesick day. This is predictable. I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough. I'm actually kinda surprised it took so long.

Went to "Buddy's Burrito and Taco Bar", got a chicken-with-pinto, and blech really didn't like it. The rice was way undercooked, the tortilla was dry, the meat was flavorless and there wasn't really any salsa to speak of. I found literally one tomato chunk halfway down the burrito. The size of the thing was respectable for the price, but I found I just didn't really want to keep eating it. (3/10)

The cheapo Ikea office chair is demonstrating itself to actually not be that comfortable at all. The trouble with rolling chairs is that if your floor is not perfectly level (and mine's not) you kind of keep drifting to one side and can't ever feel stably comfortable. However, it was only $20, so I don't feel too terrible.
Tags: food, furniture

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