Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I know some people (rightly) hate long video recommendations but I seriously sat through all 49 minutes 26 seconds of this unedited interview by Rachel Maddow of Jon Stewart absolutely riveted. If you do have the time to spare, I recommend it.

Standard disclaimer about how I don't necessarily agree with everything that's said in it. I couldn't even, after all, since the two participants get to disagreeing with each other a bit. But there lies what I took away from watching the interview: the disagreements seem so reasonably prosecuted. There's something that I feel about both of them, that I would feel very happy talking to them even if I didn't agree about some point, that I don't feel as much about (just to pick examples of commentators that are allegedly on my side of the fence) Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann.

I guess this is Stewart's intended point of the DC rally, as he articulates at length in the interview. There is the left-right axis that we all hazily think we understand and find familiar, but there is also the easy-to-argue/difficult-to-argue axis, and the crazy/sane axis, and passionate/dispassionate, and accommodating/logically rude, which are all in principle separate from each other as well as separate from left/right... anyhow I risk pulling a Meyers-Briggs if I think I can capture the whole multidimensional space with a handful of axes sketched out by mere English words.
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