Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Well, I was used to sleeping through some street noise in Philly, but my first night sleeping here was pretty intense. Loud as fuck in the morning with "OH SHIT I AM BACKING UP" truck beeps and engine noises and heavy objects being heavily dropped and so forth, and this is with me sleeping in the middle of the apartment on the futon, not in the bedroom area which is even closer to the street. Couldn't sleep past quarter to 7, but then again, this is not a terribly unusual time for me to be up. Bodes badly for me adjusting to a later schedule for the sake of having a social life.

Looking out the window however there is some intense construction with a big-ass crane and everything going on across Smith; it's not just ordinary "traffic" traffic. So maybe this won't be a permanent fixture of my future Saturday mornings.
Tags: moving

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