Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Moving, day 1

There is a delicious Sausage Egg 'n' Cheese happening in my mouth.

I heard another couple of instances of s lenition in spoken Spanish: /buenːdia/ (guy working the counter saying a parting "have a good one" to his buddy leaving the store) and /uno ma/ (guy at the register passing on his current customer's request for one more coffee).

Also interesting was the como estamos* said by the the same counter guy to his buddy upon entering; I swear I thought I read a language log article recently about the use and connotations of this syntactic first-person plural for a semantic second-person singular, which makes good sense in English, too (picture a nurse in a hospital: "and how are we feeling today?") but I can't find it.

*definitely not dropping the s here, so I guess possibly it's not a dialect feature so much as a thing that happens in certain common reduced phrases?

Plans for today include: find my way over to Carroll Gardens and get apartment key. Unlock achievementapartment, take some security-deposit-securing pictures, wait for internet installation dude.
Tags: language, moving

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