Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Moving, Day -3

My current plan is to move a couple of items to Brooklyn tomorrow as quickly as possible, picking up the apartment key from the rental agent en passant.

Anyone in Philly or New York who would like to help (and all I mean by "help" is really just like stand around for 5 minutes during load or unload to make sure the blinkenlighting car is ok) do let me know. The times I'm aiming for are Monday morning in the vicinity of 10am in Philly, and 1pm in Brooklyn, 3rd and Smith.

I think I can theoretically manage this by myself, however. We'll see what disasters actually befall me.

Hmmmmm no maybe I have accumulated enough people that are willing to put me up for short (i.e., within the bounds of politeness) periods of time that I won't feel like I'm horribly imposing. I am skeptical that it is actually a good idea to try to move that stupid heavy futon mattress without having another pair of hands.
Tags: moving
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