Jason (jcreed) wrote,


I wonder why people care about natural speech synthesis so much?
Printing early on copied scribe's idiosyncracies, but then
people got used to the fact that printing just looks different
from handwriting. People don't seem to want to believe that
computers should go on sounding different from speech, though.

Reading random stuff on linear logic, LF, canonical forms, etc.
I wonder if there's such thing as nonassociative linear logic?
Perhaps contexts would be binary trees, or something.
That reminds me of the scheme
binary trees <=> semigroups
lists <=> monoids
? <=> groups
that I thought of once before (though I'm sure I'm not the first)
that groups don't seem to fit into well.
Though maybe you could have a sort of free-group-datastructure
that might be useful for paths on a lattice where
backtracking is equivalent to not having moved at all...

Installed the new ladder at work. Last-game date tracking
seems to be borken. Features todo: tracking last-N-people played
against by ip address, add-person, delete-game(?).

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