Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Saw "The Social Network". It was Sorkin-tastic from the first scene to the last. I don't believe it to be historically accurate, of course, but it was a damned entertaining story. Zuck was really well cast. The fast cuts between different lawyer-wrangling rooms were great. The mythology of college; The insanity of fast-growing startups; The appalling misogyny; That funny photographic technique with the blurring that makes everything look miniature; The money, the power, the nerds' dreams of at last getting laid. It's got pretty much everything. I'd give it (8/10) except for the fact that, unlike almost all Hollywood movies everywhere, they got the computer stuff largely right. I mean they almost kind of had to, since the movie is entirely about Computer Stuff, but still. They mentioned wget when it was reasonable to mention wget. The laptops showed emacs and perl scripts and KDE, for crying out loud. This extra point is your reward for satisfying my inner pedant, Hollywood. (9/10)
Tags: movies

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