Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I guess I'm 30 today! Looking back at the just-20 version of myself via the livejournal time machine reveals a much terser diarist. At the time I was taking OS with Greg Kesden. Ignoring (perhaps reasonable) common advice my OS project partner was my girlfriend at the time, although nothing bad happened as a consequence of that; we both got As in the course as far as I remember, and continued dating until late the following september. Also Steve Awodey's Categorical Logic seminar (in which I first learned about dependent types, I think!), and a rather fun Topology class with Joel Hamkins, who was a visiting prof from CUNY.

Anyway I know it is a silly calendrical coincidence, and it's not really much more appropriate now than any other time to take stock of what I've learned in the last 3652.5 revolutions of the earth about its axis, but hey, why not. Because I think I have learned a lot --- about types and logics and maths and science and software, and even one or two things about people --- and I am, the more I think about it, genuinely excited to go off into novel other parts of the world and learn some more.
Tags: birthday
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