Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Man I really did have a great time at this conference.

Tonight went out to a seafood place for dinner with people and tried crabcakes. Verdict: sorta tasty, but not super exciting. Talked with qedragon about quantum comp. Need to remember to check my calculations on one funny counterexample to see if I'm actually right about it or not. Had a really enjoyable discussion with chrisamaphone about logic and types and FP and academia and life. Sat down with Dan Licata trying to bang out some Agda code to embed the differential privacy thingy till about midnight when my brain started to completely fuzz over, but we made some good progress.

Oh and combinator emailed me to remind me that I should point out our CMU team won the Judge's prize for the ICFP programming contest! Woot! Major woots are specifically owed to Jim McCann, whose deviously clever asymptotically-one-gate-per-trit encoding is basically what we won the prize for. Although my zeroizer circuit still made it in there at the very beginning, so I can claim I helped in an amount that is O(1) I guess.
Tags: conferences, icfp

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