Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Earlier, when I first arrive in my hotel room: fiddle with light switches. This one turns on the bathroom lights. This one turns on the bathroom fan. This one... doesn't seem to do anything. Whatever.

Last night: turn off all the lights, leave laptop plugged in to charge overnight.

Just now: wake up, check my email... battery low? WTF, it was charging before. Oh, my charger isn't even lit up despite being connected to the outlet. Oh no! Oh no oh no oh no my power supply didn't just die did it? Fuck fuck fuck. I'll plug it into another outlet nearby and see if it works. Oh no it doesn't! Shit. Ok don't panic yet, I'll... just try a third outlet for no good reason. Ah! It does work after all! Wait, what? Why is it only the two outlets on this side of the room that are suddenly dead

[sound effect of two and two being put together and resulting in comic-book lightbulb over my head]

Plug charger back into "dead" outlet, flip "useless" lightswitch, and it comes on. Woo solving (what ought to be easy) puzzles.
Tags: travel

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