Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ugggghhh come on Trophy Bikes. I was okay when you said that it would take 6 days to order the right fork to fix my bike. I was okay when you said, on the day it was supposed to be fixed, that the part came kinda late in the day and so you'd do it "first thing in the morning". I was okay when, three hours after you opened today, you said "oh, we haven't got it done yet because the part just came, we'll get it done soon" and I was like "but you said you got it yesterday" and you said "oh well I mean it came too late in the day".

I am not so okay when you called me another four hours after that and said "oh sorry we ordered the wrong part, we'll rush-order the right part and have it done tomorrow afternoon". Because I have a hard time believing that that's actually true now.
Tags: bicycles

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