Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I was supposed to get my bike back today, but the new fork they ordered only came late today, so they didn't get the repair work done yet. They say they'll do it first thing tomorrow though.

The things I did immediately following that made me feel like I was in a demo/advertisement for modern smartphones. I was like, okay, I have like half an hour to get to that apartment techstep wanted me to check out for him. I have no idea where that is, except that he told me in an email. Okay, phone, show me the email. Ah, there the address is. Okay, phone, tell me how to get there on a bus. Great! Oh, but I'll be five minutes late. I'll just go back to the email app and touch the phone number, and cleverly it knows how to parse phone numbers and pretend they're like hyperlinks that go immediately to the phone app. I call the dude and tell him I'll be a bit late, he says no problem, and I use the phone's geolocation to tell me when I am near enough my stop to get off the bus.

Without all this technology I would of course eventually have been able to see the apartment, but it would have taken me much longer I think.
Tags: apartments, bicycles, phone

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