Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In happier news, having a real job does not make free pizza not sometimes pretty awesome.

It went like this: Dude was carrying some free pizza boxes, and just for the hell of making conversation I was like "oho what is all that for" expecting it was for some event in the adjacent room. He says, "it's from a freshman event that just ended; this [meaning the table outside the kitchenette in the Towne building] is where free food ends up". And I'm thinking to myself, yeah, well, sure, it's Powelton pizza, only about my favorite pizza in Philadelphia so far, but it's bound to be the crappy remains of we-had-a-vegetable-garden-sneeze-on-this-pizza sort of pizza. But no, there were entire cheese and pepperoni pies, and still kinda warm. Also I don't know what it is about Powelton's recipe, but it microwaves really well, too.

So yeah I could probably afford to just buy my own pizza but having it show up for free right when I happen to be a bit hungry is great.
Tags: food
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