Jason (jcreed) wrote,


I wonder what it sounds like if you vary the incremetal
phase offset randomly --- like, uniformly over some middling-
sized band.

Notes for a comic:
stylistically, NO BLACK LINES. Few outlines, if any.
No black lines or gutter surrounding panels, either --
background color changes indicate panel changes.
Background color sometimes chosen to coincide with a common foreground
color so that shapes 'melt away' into the back.
narratively, something about godelian limits on -human- thought.
`Bred' comuters which exceed human capacity for introspection and
basic mathematical insight.

Ah -- analogy between kurt godel starving himself to death
literally, and some character `starving' himself of the
mathematics of the transcendent computers, for fear of his
theory being `poisoned' by falsehoods. Reresearch godel's
biography. Death of his friend, M-- somebody?

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