Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wooo epic bike ride up the Schuylkill bank trail into a hugenormous swirly 4th of July festival crowd thing that I got totally lost in and then some security guard gave me directions right into a major highway and he shook his head at me like I was some kind of idiot and gave me different directions which actually worked and I got home and drank SO MUCH ICEWATER.

eta looking at google maps again I think I am pretty sure I'm actually not crazy that going south on 24th st near park towne place takes you right on to the vine st expressway, coming so close to 23rd (I remember him saying "if you'da just kept going you woulda hit market and 23rd" but, I think, I would have either had to have crossed an embankment or another entirely different highway offramp to get there. I mean, it's, possible there was some other way that I missed. It was dark, for one thing. Still I don't presently have much clue what it would have been.
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