Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I think this is a really clever joke that is secretly about the philosophy of probability. I found it on reddit.

There once was a very rich man in his middle age in Tsarist Russia. He had begun to fear that he would soon grow old and die, so he hired many sages and wise men to determine for him a means by which he might live forever. So great was his wealth, that they pored over all the knowledge which was contained in the world, and came to the conclusion that, yes, there was a way that this man might live forever. They indicated to him on a map of Russia the small, insignificant shtetl of Kasrilevke. This shtetl is one you might have heard of before: it has the distinction of being the very poorest and least significant town in all the Russian Empire. The sages told the rich man, that he might go there and live forever: because no rich man had ever died in Kasrilevke.

"Hearing this punchline," writes the commenter, "someone in our lab group spoke out, saying, 'Oh. Well, he must have been a frequentist, then.'"
Tags: funny, statistics

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