Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Due to allergies I have avoided eating peanuts for most of my life. My allergist told me that, like, refined peanut oil is ok, but straight up peanuts and peanut butter and the like I'm better off not eating.

The other day _tove told me about the existence of sunflower seed butter. I got a jar from the Trader Joe's, and it is completely, bizarrely delicious. I don't really get excited about the taste of sunflower seeds, but this shit tastes exactly like peanut butter, except perhaps even better. The texture is a little more soupy and less paste-like, but the flavor is sweet and mouth-sticking and has just the right sort of burnt-toast aftertaste. Add strawberry jam and wheat bread to obtain a perfect flashback to sitting around Tony Clune's house in the early 90s reading Larry Gonick's "Cartoon History of the US".

Also: _wirehead_ is super awesome for finding me that missing page of that Lafont paper.
Tags: food

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