Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a nice time talking to many people today; Got ahold of Frank McSherry for a couple hours. He was coincidentally hanging out at EuroSys because he was recently at Dagstuhl, and emailed me out of the blue based on the our eurosec paper title catching his eye, so that was cool.

I gave a version of my recent CMU talk to the people at PPS; Noam, Jeff Sarnat, Kaustuv, Brigitte were all there; it was a veritable Frank-student reunion (plus Jeff, I guess). Got dinner with people afterwards somewhere in Marais, and we walked around the Seine after that.

And then, just as I was getting ready to enjoy heading home, I noticed that I seem to be stuck in Europe for a couple of days because of this volcano in Iceland. I was reading google news and thinking "man! sucks to be those people in northwestern Europe!" for like a solid minute before I realized I quite possibly was those people in northwestern Europe. And indeed, my flight has been cancelled with no clear indication of when I am going to get a flight again. I'm not stressing out too much yet, since I think I'll be able to find some way to stay for another couple of days; either extend the hotel stay, find another hotel, or crash at someone's place.
Tags: travel
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