Jason (jcreed) wrote,

My hotel room.

as mentioned, pay-as-you-go internet is lame but whatev
loud noises of carts being dragged across cobblestones at 6am, which I sort of expect to be daily
also the elevator is right next to my room and is loud
No alarm clock. My phone is so lame for not being able to tell time when it is away from its network, and I am lame for depending on it as an alarm clock. Oh well, I'll just ask for a wake-up call at the right time.

Room comes with tiny kitchenette-ette. The fridge is not entirely full of pay-if-you-consume sodas and things, so I can actually store milk in it and have cereal for breakfast. I bought some milk, Demi-écrémé and then when I got it home was concerned I might have bought half-and-half, instead of "half-fat milk" as I meant to. Turns out I made the right decision, but misinterpreted the french: it means half-skimmed, which of course amounts to the same thing in a glass-half-full/half-empty kind of way. But I wasn't crazy for being worried: half-and-half goes by the similar-looking name of demi-crème.
Tags: food, travel

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