Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ohh my brain is so completely lost as to what time it is. Making pretenses of hanging out with other people (the two grad students that came on the same flight as me) is making it a little worse than usual, since I think otherwise I would have just went to sleep when I was tired. Having two other foreign-country-puzzle-solving brains on the case is completely useful though when you are in the Gare du Train and do not understand why the machines will not sell you tickets. (The eventual answer we collectively found: you need to be ad a machine that does not have a subtle light lit up meaning "does not accept credit cards", and also refrain from "dipping" your card in the slot, but rather stick in your card, wait for it to say "remove card", and only then remove it)

Listening to and speaking a tiny bit of French is fun. I was able to say "can we pay now?" (because I totally forgot the idiomatic word for "check" in "check please" --- is it really "l'addition"? This is what Aviv's phrasebook later said) and understand the response of (loosely translating) our waitress saying "oh no, it is free! haha, I am le kidding!". Really all I did was hear some form of "gratuit" and some form of "blaguer" and assume the rest of the utterance fell into place based on context.
Tags: french, language, travel

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