Jason (jcreed) wrote,

This "food" thing is still causing me great amusement.

My scrambled eggs technique is still holding up. The game I play is to get nothing to stick to the pan despite not using any oil or butter. It is less hard than I thought. Just a matter of timing to choose the right moment to fold the eggs over. It might be harder if I didn't prefer my eggs rather well-done anyhow - just a touch of golden-brown on the outside, ideally. Anyway my cast-iron widget has really got its Season on by now.

Overnight those weird foamy sugar cookie things turned gross, so I threw 'em out.

In an attempt to rederive the Oatmeal Cookie from first principles I tried:

~1/8c oats + 1tbs sugar + 1tbs canola oil + 2tbs flour + little bit of water

and balled it up in my hands and threw it on the skillet and holy grinning quakerman it was delicious. Again, I know I'm operating well within Cookie Space, and therefore in a very safe region as far as tastiness is concerned by involving high proportions of fat and sugar, but the oats actually contributed significantly and not unfavorably to the flavor. Main problem is it wanted really bad to crumble apart. Maybe more flour and water, or in a bigger batch, an egg.
Tags: food

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