Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Some time early last week, the ceiling in the hall outside of my office began leaking water.

A janitor came by and placed a bucket under the leak.

Last Friday, a different dude, I think higher-up in the facilities staff, appeared and stood outside my office and muttered about the leak. He said to me, "Hey, did somebody already take a look at this leak?". I said, "Well, I think so. They left a bucket." He said, "Yeah, but this is just a one-day bucket. It's a Friday. There's a weekend comin' up. You'd need a three-day bucket."

There's something horribly satisfying to me about this concept of a "three-day bucket". It's a hack --- and you recognize that it's a hack, there's no deception there. But it's engineered to be a big enough hack to cover the problem as such. It's not a hack that apart from being inelegant has the additional disadvantage of being inadequate.
Tags: office

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