Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Gave a talk at PLClub this morning. Went pretty okay, I think.

Apart from that I have been exploring Pancake Space, a high-dimensional space some of whose notable basis vectors include Milk, Eggs, and Flour. I've switched it up recently to the more standard stovetop method rather than Dutch-baby baking style. Again, much like Tortilla Science, it's just kind of fucking around to see what happens. Results tonight:

1) 1/2c Milk + 1/4c Flour + 1/4c Oats + pinch each salt and baking powder

Terrible. Got a lovely brown crust on the outside, but the inside never set very well. I was hoping the oats would like give it a more grainy/nutty taste and texture, but instead I got pancakes with a gross oatmeal filling.

2) 1/2c Milk + 1/4c Flour + 1 egg + pinch each salt and baking powder

Surprisingly good. Was expecting something vaguely crepe-like, since the batter was so thin. They still came out rather thicker than crepes, but the texture and flavor were not entirely unlike what I remember of crepes, though it's been a while since I had any. But more like extremely fluffy scrambled eggs with the only barest affectation of breadiness. Browned well on the outside, too.
Tags: food, minimalist cooking, talks

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