Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I am back in Philly! I have ridden my bike and eaten a burrito, and this is how I convince myself that everything's right again with the world. All told, POPL was a great time, though. Went out to dinner last night with casinghino and mike greenberg and the latter's crazy brother. They are all fairly hilarious dudes.

On the plane, watched "City of Ember". There's a postapocalyptic buried city, crumbling from old age, and it's up to a couple of spunky kids to save the day. It sounds completely corny, but I rather liked it. Really nice visuals. Many of the characters were very stock archetypes, but the main kids were decent actors. It felt like it was directed by Jeunet's just-a-little-bit-less-wacky younger sibling. (8/10)
Tags: conference, movies, travel
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