Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Dinner last night with some other postdocs and grad students at a little restaurant/bar called "La Plazuela" which apparently translates as "The Square" inasmuch as it seems to be a diminuitive of "La Plaza"? Not super poncy food by any stretch of the imagination, and not too bad. I still can't totally not be nervous about allergies in restaurants, but I managed no hay nueces? soy muy alérgica a las nueces.... Had some jamón ibérico, which is basically in the same ballpark as proscuitto as far as my mouth can tell. Apparently I was actually one of the more Spanish-competent people at the table (Matthieu seemed to be getting some leverage out of his native French) so that was super fun actually succeeding at understanding the occasional basic phrase.

There is a paper coming up today that is so disturbingly close to exactly what I thought I was trying to accomplish with type systems for Lipschitz continuity, except it is "program analyses" for just plain old (not specifically Lipschitz-bound-having) "continuity". But they mention wanting explicit bounds in "future work". Helloooo people I should talk to about collaborating with oh man.
Tags: conference, food

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