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What I Blog About when I Blog About Blogging

Things consumed while on the plane, since I couldn't sleep:

"What I talk about when I talk about running", Murakami. A collection of pleasant essays about running, writing, motivation, and the inevitability of aging. Didn't particularly hang together tightly or pack any significant punches. Nice spare writing as usual for him, though. (7/10)

"Bolt". Disney, CG animated. A dog actor in a teevee show is raised to believe he is a superpowered hero in real life. He accidentally escapes the set and is shipped to NYC, and must trek cross-country to be reunited with his girl owner who also acts in the teevee show. There were some funny bits, but the hamster character was obnoxious. The pigeons were funny, in that way that the penguins in Madagascar were stupidly funny. (6/10)

"Juno". Dang but this movie really did have its own voice to it, dinnit. The few lines that didn't feel pitch-perfect to me were I think Juno's proclamation of love for George Michael What'sisface near the end. Allison Janney's appearance as The Stepmom just made me think of her role as C.J. in West Wing, who I just loved SO MUCH. That one Moldy Peaches song, though, no matter how much contra code is in the lyrics, I just basically can't stand it. Not even when the Moldy Peaches don't sing it. At the end of the day, it seemed like a very well-crafted film which nonetheless didn't, I don't know, get to me somehow. (8/10) but to a suitable alternate-universe me I think it could have been (10/10)

"The Time Traveller's Wife". (the film) What a weird conceit, man. Maybe I should read the book some day. I liked this better than "Benjamin Button" because at least there were some weird twists and turns and suspense to balance out the creepiness of age disparity. Separately: Rachel McAdams nearly has a very Parker Poseyish thing going on there half the time. (7/10)
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