Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In tonight's edition of TORTILLA SCIENCE I attempted to do several things more right: added some salt to the dough, put a tiny bit of oil in the pan instead of cooking them totally dry, let the dough rest for 15 minutes after kneading, and cooked 'em a bit longer, until the tell-tale tortilla-like black mottling appeared. Result: actually tasty flatbread. Put some strawberry jam on that shit. It was good times. I think I now only want to acquire a tool to flatten them better with. Their current texture is much like homemade paper compared to the kind of paper that lends itself to phrases like "paper-thin".

Somehow I'm still riding the initial wave of surprise that unleavened breads can actually work like this. I thought you had to add eggs or yeast or baking powder or some sort of magical ingredient besides flour and water to get that chewy bread-like texture. I suppose the magic really is in the gluten-forming reaction that kneading and such is still (as _tove, citing her favorite The Book, pointed out earlier) instrumental in encouraging.
Tags: food, minimalist cooking

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