Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So, foodwise I am still poking around cooking things in the evenings when I'm not particularly hungry so it's much more like "playing with food" than "cooking for myself". I took a from-scratch flour tortilla recipe (which I think I may try to actually seriously execute at a later date) off the internet, and stripped it to an utterly bare-essentials version, in which I basically did everything wrong and cut every corner imaginable just to see what would happen.

I just made one "tortilla", by mixing 1/4c flour and 1/2tsp oil (since I didn't have any shortening around), and dribbled in water while kneading it until it just barely achieved dough texture. Lacking a rolling pin, I smooshed it as flat as I could get it between my fingers, and tossed it on the heat, and flipped it over after a little while.

Expecting something totally inedible, I got something that I think I could fairly call merely "almost entirely unpalatable", but it was still basically food. I mean, I ate the whole thing anyway. It wasn't so bad as all that, just flavorless, like a soft lumpily sort-of-pita-like saltine cracker, without the salt.

Anyway exploring these limiting cases of failed food I am finding surprisingly fun. Not sure why. Maybe it comes from a programming mindset where I feel better about my program and understand how it works via controlled failures and testing. (Not to, you know, denigrate the value of type systems, but for everything I care about that the types don't describe, I still do test) So now I know that if I omit salt, shortening, baking powder for leavening, appropriate flattening, and "rest" time, this is what happens.
Tags: food, minimalist cooking

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