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So, specifically trying to counteract my lifelong tendency towards grumpiness about cooking, I pulled what may have been a very bone-headed move and purchased a ~10" cast-iron skillet. Now of course I know very little about cooking, and I know it's a risk in any endeavour to think you are going to succeed just because you bought the right equipment, but it seemed from basic internet research like a very appealing sort of one-size-fits-many tool, rather inexpensive ($20) for being so, which favors (through the "seasoning" process) cooking with a lot of oils and fats, which though I am not necessarily expert in executing, aligns well at least with the sort of foods I like eating. Also I get kind of a perverse luddite thrill from it being so heavy, clunky, and dangerous, inasmuch as you can burn yourself on the handle really easily.

I "tried" cooking a simple scrambled egg to give it a "I actually know this is going to fail" sort of initial test run, and it did utterly fail. A mass of burnt butter and burnt egg.

Somewhat surprisingly, the second attempt yielded results both fluffy and delicious. Internet advice insisted that you are supposed to wait a certain amount of time before pushing the egg around, but somehow it got to the stage depicted by their "wait until it looks like this" pictures in a matter of seconds. Maybe I just had it on super high heat, but it was at the middle of the dial. Dunno how "low heat", "medium heat", "high heat" mean much of anything consistently across different people's stoves anyhow but I'm sure I'm not the first to observe that.

Anyway, tossing some eggs, butter, and a bit of milk into a hot iron thing yielded Tasty Food. Hopefully I will not soon get sick from rust poisoning, salmonella, or rancid butter from improper cleaning. Barring that, I'll next attempt the dish that was the major ulterior motive for having this thing: it is just about the right size I think for a single-serv version of the one ever-so-slightly-nontrivial recipe I've always been able to manage well, namely Dutch Baby.
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