Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wound up seeing "Avatar". Definitely the most beautiful episode of "Captain Planet" I've ever seen. The main moral of the story is that chicks dig a dude with a totally sweet car. Or a dragon is also fine. Whatever.

I was genuinely impressed by the visuals, particularly how I didn't really notice the transitions between the live and animated bits. There was just a bit of uncanny-valley-ism going on from time to time, but the state of the art of CG facial expressions is pretty damn good by now. The plot was, if you wanna be generous about it, uh, "archetypal". If not, then it you could call it a ball of clichés. The writing was occasionally awkward, with a phrase here or there that just sounded sort of... tone-deaf. But heck it was some pretty fun entertainment, and the 3d was used very tastefully, and there were a bunch of sweet alien animals and plants and giant awesome blue people and floating mountains that were just too awesome for me to want to complain about them being totally implausible. (7/10)
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