Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Merry xmas!

I'm trying not to be that guy but it is kind of weird being in a household where there is always always always a television that is on, compared to not owning one. It's not that I don't like television shows, I mean, I love 30 rock and am getting into "Always Sunny" and have enjoyed Lost and the Soup and all sorts of stuff, but I just start flipping out after hours and hours go by and there is never any silence ever.

Anyway I watched some bits and pieces of various movies because I couldn't help it.

"500 days of summer" seemed moderately interesting, if a bit depressing. And sort of cookie-cutter-shaped in some ways how the character motivations worked. I mean, there's a dude, and he totally falls for a cute girl because she's cute, and he mopes to the extent that he does not get in her pants.

"Enchanted" seemed like a passably good parody/pastiche/mocking-reboot of disney movies.

"Night at the Museum" bleah bleugh ugh. I am disappointed that this is being turned into a "traditional christmas movie that we will play on repeat all day".

"Elf" mostly the same reaction.

"All about Steve" has Sandra Bullock awkwardly portraying an aspie who makes crosswords I think? Seemed pretty terrible, but I wasn't paying much attention to it. Tomatometer says 6%.
Tags: movies

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