Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The phrase "Helvetica Man" is sometimes used to refer to the sort of clean, abstract, iconic dude with a detached head whom you know from bathroom signage and olympic games.

I swear I read an article once a long time ago about the invention of what I think would be aptly described as "Comic Sans Man", that weird, floppy-torsoed, duck-footed dude with a detached head (with a scratching hand and question mark sometimes atop it) that if memory served is shipped with Powerpoint in some default clip-art bundle? Anyone know what I'm talking about or have more information? Like, what is he actually called? Who is the artist?

(this is an example of the dude I am talking about)


Aha! "Screen Beans". This might have been the article I remembered reading.
Tags: icons

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