Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Also on the topic of sandwiches:

"Elephant and Castle" on 18th just a bit south of Market offers a reasonably good version of the Canonical Pub Burger Experience closer to my home rather than campus. Burger was low-intensity in flavor, but I think that's okay. I'm beginning to feel that Mikey's is actually a bit over-salty at times. Fries very huge and potatoey. Ambience was Union-Grill-like, but a larger establishment, and they had some English Schtick going on what with calling their fries "chips" on the menu and having bangers'n'mash and stuff. (8/10)

Gave "Lee's Hoagie House" a second shot. Had a cheesesteak this time. Damn if it wasn't just sort of delicious. I notice there is a continuum from more greasy homogenized beef mush to a drier, chewier "I sure am eating pieces of steak" steak. Lee's is at the latter end, which I want instinctually to disprefer, but unlike Steak Queen and that pizza place on Spruce, it still comes out good. Mildly expensive, though. >$8 for sandwich and a drink, whereas Frita's (sadly not to be found today) is like $5, and I think their steak is bigger. (7/10)
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