Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Another CMU-ism that I am slightly sad to be without: everyone having a UPS in their office. Some dudes fiddling around with electrical stuff here in the basement caused a brief power blip.

When my computer came back on, I had no network. Not that the internet infrastructure in the building was down, because my laptop still worked, but I had no /dev/eth0 device at all! I tried rmmodding and modprobing my network driver, e1000e, but no dice. I did two finds and a diff to determine that there was no change to all of /dev between the module being there and not. /var/log/messages revealed the module not complaining about any errors, though. In an act of desparation, I got the kernel module sources off the thumb drive I had originally installed them from, recompiled, and reinstalled. And it worked! I have no idea why. Even more mysteriously, /dev/eth0 still doesn't exist. Indeed, the module's installation or removal again causes no changes to the entire /dev tree. But eth0 does exist according to ipconfig. Is this some new fancy modern linux virtual device notion? Nobody told me about it. Grumble grumble off my lawn.

No, apparently I am just having bizarre, reality-independent notions about network devices living in /dev.
Tags: computers, linux, unix

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