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Amusing log message coming out of a Haskell compilation: (attempting to play with grapefruit)
Generating and compiling a zillion numerical type aliases, this might take a while

Yesterday food adventures:

"Steak Queen" food truck. Boasts "bests steaks on campus". Had a cheesesteak, was not impressed. Steak was sort of gristly and tasted not entirely pleasantly like stir-fry. At least it wasn't liquid-greasy. More expensive than Frita's, farther away from my office, and less tasty. (5/10)

"Gusto", ever so slightly upscale neighborhood pizza place on 22nd between Spruce and Locust. Had an italian sausage calzone, very very tasty. Only problem was that it was two people's worth of food. The onions in it were sort of meh, and achieved that floppy cooked-(but not fried-)onion texture that no right-thinking person enjoys, but the red peppers were really good, the other filling ingredients quite tasty, and the dough was just perfect. The problem with a lot of calzones I have is that the two foldy-end bits get nice and crispy and the center is mooshy and doesn't have enough bread. This fellow was rectangular and somewhat thin, so basically the crust was perfect everywhere. Also: either there was only mozzarella and no ricotta, or else very little ricotta such that I could not even tell it was there. This is exactly as it should be. (8/10)
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