Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Some things that have gone wrong lately but are more or less acceptable:

My office is at a pretty steady temperature of 85 degrees now. I complained about this a week ago-ish when it hit 80 and, allegedly, gears are turning, and maybe eventually it will be fixed.

My bicycle's tires started to get a little low on air, and I thought, hey I'll by a cheap little pump and pump them up a bit, and promptly did everything wrong and let all the air out of my back tire. After escargonaut heroically helped me a lot over the phone, I still couldn't get any air to apparently get into the tire and I finally gave in and went back to the bike shop and they just air-compressored them back to normal shape.

The moral here is that when you are a Educated Person and fancy yourself an Adult at least and on a good day Generally Quite Clever, and it's just about the most painful thing in the world to have --- and not only to have, but to display in front of an entire store full of people who know what's what --- the sort of obliterating, flailing, not-even-a-rudimentarily-correct-mental-model ignorance (the sort that you can just hardly fathom any non-troglodyte human having when it is about your own favorite problem domain), it is actually a good idea to just suck it the fuck up, ask for help when you need to, and try to observe and by observation learn a couple of things if you can. Now I know, for instance, that there are two types of air valves, one common in low-pressure mountain bike tires, one in high-pressure road bike tires.
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