Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Lev Grossman's "The Magicians" is way too much fun for its own good. I basically read it in two sessions, between roughly 7pm and midnight yesterday and 9pm-midnight today. Picked up the recommendation from boingboing. To quickly summarize: It's post-Harry-Potter, post-Narnia gritty magical-boarding-school fantasy that is ultimately about the meaning of friendship and love and books and the corrupting effects of power and gossiping cliques of catty hipsters getting drunk a lot and fucking each other every which way they can manage until everyone feels suitably betrayed, and how grad school doesn't even begin to prepare you for the vast existentialist conundrum that is the rest of your life. I felt the ending was wonky, in ways that obviously cannot be discussed without spoilers, but whatever. It's a good page-turner, and shit frequently goes down in dramatic fashion, and in it there are several hilarious nerd-cultural in-jokes, and a lot of good swears in the places where they really count. (9/10)
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