Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Further networks lulz:

The 802.1Q standard can create an interesting scenario on the network. Recalling that the maximum size for an Ethernet frame as specified by IEEE 802.3 is 1518 bytes, this means that if a maximum-sized Ethernet frame gets tagged, the frame size will be 1522 bytes, a number that violates the IEEE 802.3 standard. To resolve this issue, the 802.3 committee created a subgroup called 802.3ac to extend the maximum Ethernet size to 1522 bytes.

Where is your godcoproduct injection now??

I love that the minutes of the meetings of this 802.3ac subcommittee are available online.

This is a committee to change the number 1518 to 1522. I know, I know, you have to have process and stuff, but this is still fundamentally hilarious.
Tags: networks
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