Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I have long been a fan of words that are born out of affixes, like "arity" in mathematics and "ism" in the realm of politics and ideology. Esperanto speakers do this shit all the time, for the culture of the language encourages it very, very pointedly. For instance, the use of the noun emo meaning "tendency/habit" from a suffix -em- that usually constructs adjectives or adverbs of habitual characteristics or behaviors, mali meaning "oppose/negate/reverse" from the opposite-constructing prefix mal-, and so forth.

Not quite the same thing, (though it seems a semantic cousin of "arity" specifically, and syntactically akin to "endianness") but I am delighted at (and surprised I haven't seen before) the word "bitness" which AMD uses on their page to indicate, you know, how many bits a thing is.

I can't however help but hear in it the phrase why you gettin all up in mah bitness.
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