Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I may have finally found at least one replacement for the Bog Standard Pub Burger 'n' Fries Experience, of which I think there were three places I knew of in pittsburgh where I could reliably expect to get it (Fuel and Fuddle, Harris Grill, Union Grill) which is Mikey's American Grill and Sports Bar.

  • Burger: quite tasty, juicy without excessive greasiness. Featured bacon.
  • Fries: maybe a bit dry and salty, but perfectly adequate. Decent amount of potato flavor getting through.
  • Coke: does not have nasty bar-fountain-gun aftertaste, is not Pepsi, supports hegemony of global corn-syrup capitalism as is proper, etc.
  • Ambience: c'mon, it's a fuckin' sports bar. Except, I note with satisfaction, the many giant flat-panel sports-displaying screens were not turned up to noxiously loud levels, nor was the music, which was tuned to a station playing early-mid nineties alt-rock presumably for to induce (in persons in precisely my demographic) wistful longing remembrance of bygone days spent listening to the likes of Courtney Love undergo vocal petit mal into a microphone. Also a plus, no super-drunk people harassing me.

In short: Good times.
Tags: food

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