Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a major victory in the arena of economic supply and demand today, in which I scored one of those "sandwich maker" devices --- in the same genus as the George Foreman grill, and fundamentally related also to the common Toaster --- for, I shit you not, four dollars and two cents. Fancified versions of essentially this product, under the name of "panini press", I have seen retail for ninety dollars. Four dollars and two cents. This is even including Pennsylvania's 7% sales tax. I am basically certain that I spent more on that on the 16 slices of Kraft American ersatz cheese, of which some are, as we speak, being turned into delicious grilled-cheese-and-grape-jam sandwiches that are going straight into my mouth, causing me to relive halcyon high-school times of zillions of grilled-cheese-and-grape-jam sandwiches, which come to think of it were one of the few things that were actually extremely positive about high school times.

I recently finished "A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again" which was completely great and which I blame for my present urge to footnote everything in sight.
Tags: books, food

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