Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Discovered a few things today:

I left my laundry detergent in the basement all last week. Oops. The protocol around here seems to be that you don't just permanently leave it there, which I kinda think makes sense in a building with 5-6 units instead of one with essentially two.

There is a freshly painted bike lane all along Spruce St., which means my morning commute is much better done 18th-Spruce-22nd-Walnut with all bike lanes beginning with Spruce (and anyway it is only a single block that I have to bike to get to Spruce), rather than the 18th-Sansom-23rd-Walnut, which only has bike lanes starting with Walnut, although Sanson is generally rather low-traffic, which is the reason I assume the bike shop guy recommended that path, which is highly reasonable in a pre-Spruce-bike-lane world.

The foldy-down couch-bed just barely fits through the door between bed-room and living-room if I lift it up awkwardly in a funny way. This fact was utilized amongst a flurry of furniture rearrangement. I have my (piano-, not computer-) keyboard back on my just-the-right-height-for-playing-while-standing dresser rather than on the little corner desk. When on the desk, no chair I possess is quite the right height for it.
Tags: bikes, moving

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