Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I was looking at a paper about Opis since Boon recommended it to me. Opis is an O'Caml library that does distributed computation using stream processors typed with arrows, Hughes's not-so-easy-to-google generalization of monads. Arrows never really sank in fully for me, because although they're cute and seem to capture a lot of stuff, they never seemed quite as canonical and ubiquitous as monads.

Anyway I was googling and citeseering around seeing what else I could find about them (I seem to recall maybe rjsimmon or dlicata pointing me to a paper that presented a nicer axiomatization of their laws once, but I can't find it now) and came across a little workshop just this last spring on quantum stuff that has this crazy paper by Vizzoto, Altenkirch, and Sabry on how quantum computing is mostly just an Arrow.
Tags: arrows, monads, papers, physics, quantum

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