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So I got a call just now, which said that there's a technician with a schedule containing two jobs ahead of me, and so likely I'll get called again between noon and 2pm. This is basically exactly what I wanted, although a factor of two or so off from a point of being more or less totally satisfied. I wonder why the person I talked to on the phone (like the other three people I've talked to after calling the 1-800 number) talked to me like a just-barely-losing-my-overwraught-patience adult talking to a just-about-to-have-a-temper-tantrum child when I tried to confirm, as cheerfully as I could, that essentially the best error-bars they could give me were 8am to 6pm, right?

Meanwhile in the boring sporadic-internet 83-degree warminess in my apartment, I have been reading the Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant statutes for the hell of it. I find it historically interesting that there is a whole ton of text specifically about people's right to get cable TV.
Tags: law, phone

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