Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Achievement of today: Taking out the trash! Thanks to my neighbors who told me that the apparently-locked door wasn't actually locked.

Verizon hilariously called me today to let me know that the DSL line associated with [my cellphone number] was now activated and everything is now working perfectly! Um, GG you guys, I am pretty sure you did not activate my cellphone to receive a DSL signal. I think someone jotted down my "emergency contact number" incorrectly yesterday.

Had a horrifically long call today, during which I had to state my name, cell phone number, data line number, and address, about three times each, and was disconnected unexpectedly once, requiring all-over-again navigation of the awful, awful, awful menu system. It blessedly at least lets you punch in numbers on the phone as an alternative to their wonky voice-recognition bullshit, but the main problem (at least for me, being just one data point) is that my problem requires navigation of a reeealy long decision tree consisting of nodes like "did you reboot your computer?" and "did you reboot the modem?" and "did you plug the phone cable in?" and so on, whereas my problem was "phone jack contains wires that are not connected to anything else" and I had already explained tihs to the dude yesterday.

Anyway! They are sending a person tomorrow, between 8am and 6pm. I am willing to tolerate it, 'cause what am I going to do, but I find it pragmatically surprising that they do not call you, say, a half-an-hour or an hour or so in advance of when they actually come, or even kind of estimate it, or something. Is it crazy to imagine that that could be feasible on their end? I mean, their people are probably attending to unpredictably long service events, but I would think you could insert a little bit of padding latency between visits and enormously increase customer satisfaction. Seriously, if there were Verizon and Schmerizon, and Schmerizon promised to tell me an hour ahead of time that they'd be likely showing up in a given hourish window, I'd take their service in a heartbeat.
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